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Backpage replacement

Why is the best replacement of Backpage?

When it comes to classified ads websites, there was one huge site that helped a lot of people sell their services and products, and that was Backpage. But since they ran into a little bit of trouble and eventually got shut down, everyone had to find another similar site to backpage. A site that would still allow people to post there services and products just like backpage. There are several sites similar to backpage, but not too many have the categories that backpage had.
Looking after that we thought to take care of that bunch of people and serve them with some new website with new integrations so that their product and services don't get affected. Then here comes our website similar to Backpage called ibackpage. Our site,, also have the same categories that had but what makes us different is that we seem to care more for the customers. Why we are saying in that way.Because we have a chatroom that you never saw with backpage. And we also have someone answering the phone when you call the number on your billing statement. So there is actually someone with whom you can talk and they will listen to your likes and concerns about our website.
So in closing, there are several sites similar to backpage, but no other site compares to in providing the best venue for service providers and product sellers.